Born in Toronto, Ontario January 1958, about the time when Elvis Presley was really beginning to make it big! As a young boy growing up in the early 60's, on any given Sunday I would be found in Church singing along and enjoying the great hymns and gospel songs from that era. My love for Gospel music grew even more as I was afforded the opportunity of hearing my "fair share" of gospel music groups & soloists, down through the years! I vividly recall the unforgettable memories of attending many (now legendary) Harold Lossings " All Night Sings" at Massey Hall, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. WOW!

At home on many a friday night, I would head into the living room, and play on some of my favourite gospel LP's. I would listen and sing along to them over & over, until I was confident that my sound was verbatim as it could be! I honestly could never get enough of it.

Some of my favourite groups from that era were The McDuffs, The Blackwoods, The Imperials, The Lefevres, The Stamps, The Speers, The Goodmans, just to name a few. Those were the days! Being raised in Oshawa, (near Toronto) our Church would often play host to many wonderful gospel groups as well. The year 1970 would be my first recolection of hearing a male gospel trio, named The Couriers! This group was really wonderful!

I would dare to say that their "unmistakable" tri-note vocal harmony, along with their unique musical style/penmanship, humour and conviction, really caught my attention. Couriers quickly became one of my "all-time" favourite gospel groups ever! The "operatic" voice of their Tenor (Duane Nicholson) was something else! Then of course, was their Lead singer, (Neil Enloe) WOW! This guy could literally make the windows shake with the distinct, undeniable edge in his voice, that most other singers would give their right arm for! I know I would, ha! Their Baritone singer (Dave Kyllonen, had this deep rich voice, which resonated with "ambiance" when singing alond side with the "dynamic duo"!

Little did they realize, but for this 12 year old Oshawa boy, they were making such a "huge" impression on me, that it played a significant part in impacting my own vocal sound & style! There is very little doubt, that the influence of Couriers, and groups like them were such an important part of the decision making process which cause me to travel and sing gospel music to this very day!

From about the early age of 11, it really was my dream & desire to one day sing in a gospel quartet of my own. After countless years of singing in Church Choirs, Drama's, In-house Trios, etc., 2002 was the year when my dream finally came true. The group SKYWAY was formed. Together with three other members, I enjoyed an incredible time of travelling and singing for the Lord throughout Ontario, and on occassion south of our borders to many parts of the Northern U.S. too!

We were only together about seven weeks, when we colectively decided to book the date with a recording studio named Summit Sound, near Kingston, Ontario. To the amazement of many professional artists and sound engineers, (who originally thought this swift process was unattainable) we recorded our album, and went on to recieve many notable and respectable reviews in both Canada, and the U.S. We were "spotlighted" in the Southern Gospel News columns, along side many other great and well known groups. Our vocal blend and sound was somewhat "American" so we were told, eh!

Many people who had the opportunity to hear us live, or on our CD said that they were blessed and uplifted through hearing our music. Since that time I've realized a much more personal calling upon my life , and have ventured out on my own, and thus the launching of my own Solo Ministry. I firmly believe this is where God wants me to be at this present time.

My music is "primarily" vocal. That is, the sound and words tend to dominate the songs. As well, the music is highly orchestrated and features a solid vocal "timbre" which is rich and full in resonance. I believe my music to be heartfelt, and furthermore communicate the truth and hope that the Lord Jesus Christ offers freely to us all. My prayer is that my music would somehow provoke a yearning to seek a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord, and thus expirience much more of His mighty power in your life!

I reside in Courtice, Ontario (a suburb close to the G.M. town of Oshawa) with my wife Jane, and four wonderful boys, Graham 20, Ryan 18, David 15, and Gregory 13. Without any question, these boys will admit that they have been "bombarded" with a daily dose of gospel music from the very beginning of their lives! In Gods word, He says He will give to us the true desires of our hearts, when we seek Him, and place all our trust in Him alone. (Psalms 37:4) "Delight thyself also in the Lord: and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart"

I can honestly testify that He has given me "much" and has fulfilled many desires of my heart! To sum things up, He has never stopped fulfilling my desires, and He truly gets sweeter and sweeter, with each and every day.

I look forward with great anticipation answering your call to sing at your Church function, Main or Mid-week services, Weddings, Banquets, Crusades, etc. It is my heartfelt desire that the name of the Lord will be lifted high, and glorified through my singing!